Full Circle

I step into the Pacific Ocean for the first time. It’s cold, causing my toes to try to shrink back. The beach is cloudy and wet, like someone had spilled shades of gray across the sky, sea, and sand. There are cliffs dropping into the water, and rocky outcroppings rising where they fell. Mountains stand tall behind me, covered in greenery; the waves crash front of me, a blue-gray that mystifies me. I breathe in the cool, salty air and watch as the water climbs up the rolled legs of my jeans. I hear someone calling my name and I turn.
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The Dignity of a Quiet Life

A wise character named Angus Tuck, from the book and Broadway show Tuck Everlasting, once said, “You don’t have to live forever. You just need to live.” Winnie Foster was learning about the circle of life with him on a fishing boat, and she was speaking about how she wanted to live a grand and adventurous life. Tuck gently reminded her that there is value in all kinds of lives, not just the great adventurers, but the parents who raised those adventurers and are there to welcome them home. Continue reading “The Dignity of a Quiet Life”


Small seeds, firmly planted in the right soil, will grow deep and wide, strong and tall.

When I first moved to Americus, I wasn’t happy. I was isolated, lonely, and confused. I knew where God was ultimately leading me, so why was He sending me back two steps? Why send me to Americus, where I knew no one, knew nothing about the town, and knew nothing about how to function as a normal adult? Why would He send me to a town with seemingly more churches than people, more days in the 90s than I care to count, and more gnats than I can conceivably swallow? Continue reading “Depth”



It’s been over a year and a half since I actually graduated and moved home. It’s been over a year since I wore the cap and gown to “graduate”. It’s been almost a year since I moved to Montana. It’s been four months since I moved to Americus, Georgia.

In the past year and a half, life has thrown several curveballs at me. While some were bigger than others, I wouldn’t have pictured me sitting in my first apartment with my first permanent job. It’s weird, the normal life. Going to work in the morning, coming home at night, having a few things scattered throughout the week and repeat. Continue reading “Roots”

Montana Moves Me

Hello blog. It’s been a long while. Like 3 + months.

I stand (well, currently sit in a comfy chair with a mocha cooling near by) on the other end of a summer with our last services this week, three weeks of work left, and a lifetime of memories and lessons learned. When I head back to GA (at this moment), I know I am going to be a different person. But that’s okay. You can’t come to a place like Glacier and do what I have been able to do and NOT change. My next move isn’t planned out yet, and it’s terrifying. But today I am remembering where I was the last time I was in this coffee shop. Alone in Montana for the first time. I am choosing to remember what I have learned since that first day in Many Glacier. My God is MASSIVE, IN CONTROL and AWESOME. Continue reading “Montana Moves Me”

Well, That’s Unexpected

In April, I flew to Colorado to attend a training for my summer in Glacier National Park in Montana. In the week leading up to the weekend, I went from expecting sunny and chilly weather, to rainy and chilly, to 2-3 feet of snow and chilly. The weather alone summed up what this weekend did to my expectations of this summer. It shook all my expectations of what was coming my way in Many Glacier. It was a good thing, but definitely unsettling and painfully humbling. Continue reading “Well, That’s Unexpected”